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1L Lawman RH SA Rvlvr 6.5" Sm BIANCHI

1L Lawman Holster

This classic, high ride holster is designed exclusively for single action revolvers. Its clean lines offer an exposed trigger guard and the retention strap wraps securely behind the hammer. The fold over belt loop is designed to hold the revolver at an optimum drawing angle while riding in vehicles or on horseback.


- Full grain leather, plain tan finish
- Fold over belt loop fits 1.75" to 2.25" belts
- Full suede lining
- Hi-ride carry, open muzzle design
- Western style, front strap closure design for single-action revolvers


- Material: Leather
- Color: Tan
- Finish: Plain
- Hand: Right


- Colt .22 LR, New Frontier Scout / Peacemaker Scout, 6.5" Barrel
- Ruger .22 LR, NR-6FL / NR-6L / Single Six, 6.5" Barrel
- Ruger .17 HMR, NR-6L-17, 6.5" Barrel
- Ruger .44 Magnum, NV-35, 5.5" Barrel
- Ruger .44-40 Winchester, NV-35, 5.5" Barrel
- Ruger .44 Smith & Wesson, NV-35, 5.5" Barrel

Warranty info:
In accordance with the provisions of the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the product is sold AS IS and WITH ALL FAULTS. Should the product prove defective, the buyer assumes the entire risk of all necessary servicing or repair.

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