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7324S Universal Radio Holder BIANCHI

7324 AccuMold Universal Radio Holder

Bianchi AccuMold Slimline Radio Holder with Swivel (Compact Radios)


- Holds most hand-held radios Adjustable elastic tie-down with snap closure
- Two piece, adjustable swivel belt mount
- AccuMold tri-laminate construction with ballistic weave exterior and Coptex lining
- 2.25" belt loop


- Fits: Motorola MTS2000 & similar radios of varying lengths
- Color: Black

Inside Dimension: 2.8" W x 1l65" D x 7.4" L

Warranty info:
In accordance with the provisions of the California Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, the product is sold AS IS and WITH ALL FAULTS. Should the product prove defective, the buyer assumes the entire risk of all necessary servicing or repair.

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