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Beer Bisquettes 24-Pack BRADLEY-TECHNOLOGIES

Smoker Bisquettes

Take your backyard BBQ to another level with hop-infused smoked food. These maple bisquettes impart a toasty, citrusy flavor and aroma to all your favorite smoked dishes, and are perfect for beef, chicken, ribs or sausages. Beer-flavored bisquettes are especially good with mushrooms or cold-smoked cheese, if your burger needs that extra something.


- Burn only to the charcoal stage to help keep tar and resin in the wood and not on your food
- To use with: beef, chicken, ribs, sausages, and more
- Approximately 20 minutes burn time per puck
- Each pack contains 24 bisquettes, made from all-natural hardwood


- Flavor: Beer-flavored
- Quantity: 24

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