Sale! PalmSaver Repl Ram (CVA 27" Barrel) 50Cal CVA View larger

PalmSaver Repl Ram (CVA 27" Barrel) 50Cal CVA

PalmSaver Replacement Ram

The PalmSaver Ramrod consists of a solid aluminum rod with a special jag on one end that is threaded.
The actual PalmSaver, or knob, attaches to this threaded jag and is configured in a way that allows it to be left on the gun while firing. For the shooter, the rod can be removed quickly for loading a second shot, and, most importantly, the PalmSaver knob protects the palm while he seats the next bullet.
The rod also comes with a 4 inch jag extension which, when attached to the opposite end, converts the ramrod into a full length range rod.


- Palmsaver replacement ramrod for 27" barrel length on CVA breack action muzzleloaders

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