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Accudot .30-06, .270, .25-06 Boresight SIGHTMARK

Accudot Bore Sight

Chamber the Accudot Red Laser Boresight in your .30-06, .270 or .25-06 rifle just like a regular cartridge and make the proper adjustments to get your rifle on paper with the first shot. The easiest way to zero firearms, Accudot Boresights feature a rechargeable, internal Lithium-Ion supercapicator and auto-activation on. Both of these features combine to save you money on hard-to-find batteries and improve the life of your rechargeable batteries. Their durable brass construction improves overall chambering/ejection and a calibrated diode ensures pinpoint accuracy from the boresight. Extremely easy to pack and travel, the Accudot .30-06 Boresight includes recharging dock, USB cable, wall adapter and carrying case.


- Rechargeable
- Auto-activation
- Saves cost on ammo
- Calibrated for precision accuracy
- Durable brass construction


- Recharging dock
- USB cable
- Wall adapter
- Carrying case


- Laser Wavelength: 632-650
- Output Power, mW: =5
- Battery Type: Internal rechargeable battery
- Battery Life: 1 Hours
- Dot Size, in. @ 100yds: 2
- Operation: Auto-activation
- Body Material: Brass
- Operating temperature, F/C: 10 to 122 / -12 to 50 F/C

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