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Ankle RH RugLCP, KelTec 2Gen P2AT FOBUS

Ankle Holster

Introducing the new FOBUS Evolution (E2) Series Kel-Tec Ankle Holster. The E2 series is the next step in the evolution of holster development. A tension adjustment screw is incorporated to allow the user to customize the ease of presentation and the security of retention, functioning with the proven FOBUS passive retention design.

The new E2 series features one-piece holster body construction, and like all FOBUS Ankle Holsters, the KT2GA, is lightweight and compact for easy conceal ability.
Available in paddle and ankle models.

Tension adjustment screw
One piece holster body construction
Protective sight channel
3/4" thick suede lined Cordura pad
Secures with adjustable Velcro strap
Attaches to left ankle for right handed draw

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