Sale! Pocket holster, .380 Cmpct 9mm w/ laser ALLEN-CASES View larger

Pocket holster, .380 Cmpct 9mm w/ laser ALLEN-CASES

Pocket Holster (.22 Caliber) Black and Orange

The Allen Baseline Holster is an ambidextrous inside the pocket conceal carry holster that gives a wallet profile. With tacky fabric that sticks in the pocket, the holster stays in place, even when you draw your firearm.

A removable padded flap helps to conceal the shape of your holstered gun, but the holster can be used without the silhouette flap when you need a more compact option.


- Fits: 2" Revolvers
- Handed: Ambidextrous
- Color: Black
- Dimensions: 7.30" x 5.60" x 1.30"
- Weight: 0.19 lbs

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