Sale! Leather holster: Basket weave Pattern STREAMLIGHT View larger

Leather holster: Basket weave Pattern STREAMLIGHT

Leather holster: Basketweave Pattern

Streamlight Stinger LED/PolyStinger LED Leather Flashlight Holster (75134)

Streamlight Stinger LED and Polystinger Leather Holster is designed to protect your Stinger LED or Polystinger LED from harm. Constructed from heavy duty, full grain leather, this flashlight accessory offers an extra layer of protection for your Streamlight Stinger series flashlights. The risk of damage from moisture, falls, and other environmental hazards is minimized when you fit your Streamlight flashlight into the Streamlight Stinger and Polystinger Flashlight Holster. Designed by Streamlight to guard the already-tough exterior of your favorite LED flashlight, this Streamlight flashlight accessory secures with a simple button and should last as long as you need it.

Note: This holster will not fit the Streamlight Stinger LED Highpower (H.P.) Models.


- Material: Leather
- Finish: Basketweave

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