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Planting Food Plots From A-Z DVD

Finally there is a DVD that tells you everything you need to know about planting food plots. Antler Kings Planting Food Plots From A-Z DVD used nearly 20 years of research and trial and error to create a food plot DVD that anyone can learn from. Whether you have a complete line of farm equipment, just an ATV or no equipment at all, we will show you how to be successful. Topics covered include: Why, When, How, What, and where to plant a food plot. Whether you are planting a food plot for the first time or have been doing it for years, Antler Kings Planting Food Plots From A-Z will help everyone have more successful food plots. As a special bonus we have included two bonus Whitetail hunts filmed over Antler King food plots.


- Why you should plant food plots
- How much and what to plant
- Where to plant
- When to plant
- How to figure food plot size
- Taking a soil test
- And much much more!
- Duration approximately 67 minutes.

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