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HP25R LED Headlamp w/battery, Iron Grey FENIX-FLASHLIGHTS

HP25R LED Headlamp with Battery, Iron Gray

The long-awaiting HP25R is released. Need a headlamp for a challenging environment? The Fenix HP25R is ready to partner with you. The HP25R is extremely versatile in that it is USB rechargeable but will also run on two standard CR123A non-rechargeable batteries when in remote locations. Added versatility is the combination neutral white floodlight as well as a far-reaching spotlight--up to 1000 Lumens and 614 feet. The HP25R performance is not diminished in harsh conditions, whether hiking, camping, hunting, searching, spelunking or whatever your journey may be. Take the HP25R into your environments and be impressed by its performance. You will continue to be amazed by Fenix products.


- The spotlight uses Cree XM-L2 U2 white light LED. The floodlight uses Cree XP-G2 R5 neutral white light LED. Both LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours
- Orange-peel reflector for smooth and even spotlight beam
- Maximum spotlight beam distance of 614'
- Freezing area operation: Use CR123A batteries to withstand temps down to -40 degrees C
- Separate battery pack to protect battery case from cold weather
- Dual switch controls the spotlight and floodlight separately
- Soft floodlight beam with max beam angle of 90 degrees
- 60-degree tilt mechanism adjusts the beam where needed
- Lamp body made of aluminum alloy provides optimal heat dissipation
- Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
- Intelligent over-head protection to avoid high temperatures of the surface
- Intelligent memory circuit automatically memorizes the last-used brightness level
- Reverse polarity protection from improper battery installation
- Micro-USB charging port (5V/1.3A, only available in 18650 batteries)
- Red light for nighttime illumination and alerting
- Battery level indicator
- IP66 Rated. Water resistant--withstands heavy rain and splashing; Dustproof--absolutely prevents the intrusion of dust and other particles


- 1 HP25R Headlamp
- 1 Fenix 3.6V/2600mAh 18650 Li-ion Battery
- 1 Spare O-Ring
- 1 Micro USB Cable
- 1 User Manual
- 1 Warranty Card


- Performance Modes:
Floodlight Mode:
High: 350 Lumens (2.5 hours, 145 feet/44 meters)
Mid: 130 Lumens (9 hours, 82 feet/25 meters)
Low: 30 Lumens (40 hours, 43 feet/13 meters)
Eco: 4 Lumens (150 hours, 20 feet/6 meters)
Spotlight Mode:
Turbo: 1000 Lumens (1.5 hours, 614 feet/187 meters)
High: 350 Lumens (4.5 hours, 358 feet/109 meters)
Mid: 130 Lumens (12 hours, 217 feet/66 meters)
Low: 30 Lumens (42 hours, 112 feet/34 meters)
Red Light:
Eco: 0.2 Lumens (96 hours)
Flash: 0.2 Lumens (192 hours)
- Color: Gray

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