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Honey Comb

Look smart and feel secure anywhere with Cold Steel's personal grooming aid, the Honey Comb. Precision manufactured, it has the innocuous appearance of a simple hairbrush, but the fully functional brush also acts as a sheath that conceals a highly effective dagger. The 3-1/2" long dagger has a 1/2" thick cruciform cross section and tapers to a needle like point, while the superbly designed handle is designed to facilitate almost any gripping method. For the ultimate in strength and stiffness, the Honey Comb's cruciform dagger has been precision injection molded from Zytel a tough, stiff nylon and fiberglass composite that contains no metal and is impervious to the elements. With its innocent appearance and usefulness both as a dagger and a hairbrush, Cold Steel believes the Honey Comb is the all around answer to personal defense at home at work or on the town. As a hairbrush it's particularly appropriate in glove compartments, travel luggage, or a woman's handbag and will look perfectly natural in virtually any environment. Its light weight, and effectiveness make it an ideal self-defense weapon especially for women.


- Folding or Fixed Blade: Fixed
- Blade Steel: Zytel
- Handle Material: Zytel
- Blade Shape: Spear Point
- Serrated: No
- Carry Options: Conceals as Comb
- Blade Finish: Black
- Rockwell Hardness: N/A
- Blade length: 3.5"
- Blade Width: .5"
- Overall Length: 7.875"
- Weight: 2.2 oz

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