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Pro3 Hlstr Mirage Bw Blk,SL Sz 22,Rh,CP UNCLE-MIKES

Pro 3 Holster

Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Pro-3 SlimLine Duty Holster comes with a patented locking device which keeps the gun in the holster under the most unfriendly conditions. This Uncle Mike's LE holster has a laminated panel that curves to fit on the leg in order to create a stable platform for drawing the gun. The adjustable design of this tactical holster positions the gun below the raid jacket or tactical body armor, while the belt loop with a co-polymer stiffener fits over any belt. Pro 3 Duty Holsters are solidly secure, and as ready as ever. The toil of carrying a duty holster is reduced, thanks to an ergonomic design that works with your body in all scenarios. UM Law Enforcement can always be trusted for safety without sacrificing performance when using their holsters.


- Have patented internal locking device that keeps gun in holster under the most unfriendly conditions
- Bolted to belt loop for stable carry and consistent draw
- Have non-stretch retention strap that works with molded thumb break to stay open for easy, one-handed reholstering


- Style: Slimline PRO-3 Tactical Duty Holster
- Fit Information: Sig Sauer 9 mm, Sig Sauer 38S, Sig Sauer .40Smith & Wesson, Sig Sauer .45 Auto
- Draw Hand: Right
- Color: Black
- Material: Mirage Basketweave

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