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LP Adapter Hose 4' ft.,Black FIREDISC-COOKERS

4' LP Adaptor Hose, Black

The FireDisc Cooker was designed to use with a 16.4 oz. disposable propane canister for maximum portability, but you can also use your FireDisc Cooker with a refillable 20 lb. propane tank using our propane tank adapter hose. This comes in handy if youre going to use your FireDisc all season in deer camp, all summer at the cabin, on a long weekend or on an all-week trip.

Basic Instructions:

- Turn burner control knobs and LP-Gas cylinder to off position
- Connect hose to appliance
- Connect hose to the LP-Gas cylinder valve outlet

Instructions to Connect to a Propane Tank:

- Make sure the Fire Disc regulator is at the off position
- Connect the 4' adapter hose to the 20 lb. propane tank
- Turn on the 20 lb. propane tank
- Let the 4' adapter hose fill for 45-60 seconds
- Turn on the grill regulator and light


- This hose can be used with any of FireDisc Cookers
- Hose Length: 4'

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