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Vibrax Shallow Spinner 1/8 Black CH BLUE-FOX

Vibrax Shallow Spinner

60 degree shallow depth blade runs surface to 2'. Great for skinny water, the Vibrax Shallow works over shallow structure or when fish are surface feeding with precise and irresistible action. Tinsel and calf tail convert the wary. Dressed tail adds size to profile and converts weary fish.


- Diecast and chrome plated mainbody with laser holographic, painted finishes
- Life-like eye
- Body emits sonic vibration when rubbing against bell
- Free turning brass gear
- VMC Hook is extremely sharp for quick penetration and strong to resist opening
- Chrome plated brass stamped blade
- Painted and printed laser holographic patterns
- Calf tail, mixed with shining colored fibers
- Stainless steel shaft


- Water Type: Freshwater
- Blade Size: 1
- Weight: 1/8 oz.
- Color: Black Chartreuse
- Pack Quantity: 1

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