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Duraseal Challenge Series Carnival Duck CHAMPION-TRAPS-AND-TARGETS

DuraSeal Targets

Champion's Carnival Duck is designed to remind you of the days spent shooting at the carnival midway. Now you can replicate the same experience at the shooting range. These targets are made from Champion's revolutionary DuraSeal material, a non-metal, self-sealing product that lets bullets pass through with minimal damage. DuraSeal dramatically prolongs the life of the target and extends your shooting enjoyment. It easily handles punishment from small and large caliber rimfire or centerfire rifles and handguns while keeping its shape and begging for more. Champion's innovative DuraSeal technology is simply the most rugged and durable target material on the market today. Note: Carnival food or prizes not included.


- Rated for .17 to .50 caliber
- Self-sealing material for extended life
- High-visibility yellow for easy sighting in a variety of conditions
- Highly-reactive design signals hits and misses
- Challenging size helps increase skill level
- Includes a convenient hole for hanging

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