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Vektor Shooting Glasses w/ Krest 24 Muffs BIRCHWOOD-CASEY

Vektor Shooting Glasses with Krest 24 Muffs

The Birchwood Casey Krest 24 Muffs and Vektor Glasses Combo Kit provides maximum eye and ear protection for shooters at a price that is accessible to everyone. Vektor Shooting Glasses feature a free floating, monolithic lens design with comfortable, non-binding temple pieces. Krest 24 Muffs have a sleek, low profile design that doesnt interfere with rifle or shotgun shooting activities. The muffs have a noise reduction rating of 24dB, providing plenty of hearing protection while shooting. The kit also includes a set of foam ear plugs when maximum protection is needed; providing a 34dB noise level reduction when used in conjunction with the Krest 24 Muffs.

Vektor Eyewear Features:

- One Piece, Panoramic Lens Construction
- Comfortable, Non-Binding Temples
- Rugged, Integrated Nose Pads

Krest Earmuffs Features:

- Sleek, Low Profile Design
- Comfortable, Soft Foam Ear Cups
- Compact, Fold-Away Padded Headband


- Krest 24 Muffs
- Vektor Shooting Glasses
- Foam Plugs.


- NRR Rating: 24dB
- Glass Lens: Clear

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