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Knucklehead Light Only - Black STREAMLIGHT

Knucklehead Light

Streamlight Knucklehead Flashlight is a flexible work light designed to put light where you need it. The Stream Light Knucklehead is a lightweight, hand-held flash light with a 210 degree articulating head that rotates a full 360 degrees. This Streamlight flashlight features the latest in dual C4 power LED technology, microprocessor controlled high and low intensity modes, emergency flash and a low-light, low-power moonlight mode. The Stream Light Knuckehead Flashlight is built with dual wide pattern parabolic reflectors inset into larger textured reflector, to provide a smooth flood pattern for close-up work. Optimized electronics provides regulated intensity over the life of the battery.

You can hang the Streamlight Knuckle Head just about anywhere, thanks to a removable magnet with 135 lb pull strength and a replaceable rubber boot, and the integrated storable hang hook. The circular rare-earth magnet is surrounded by durable nickel plated steel housing. This is one durable industrial flashlight, too - the housing, base and battery housing are made from high-impact super-tough nylon, offering exceptional durability. Streamlight seals all openings with O-rings for weather resistance, with a one-way valve for case venting. The Stream Lite Knuckle Head LED Light is the most versatile task light you'll ever own!

The Knucklehead Light comes with the following power options:

- Rechargeable NiCD battery pack - comes with AC/DC universal Steady Charger, which requires up to 10 hours for a complete charge and can be used with 110V, 120V, 230V, 240V, or 12V DC currents by exchanging its charge cord. Comes with DC charge cord and 1 AC charge cord in your choice of voltage.
- AC/DC Piggy Back Charger - simultaneously charges flashlight and extra battery
- AC Fast Charger - up 2.5 hour charge
- Alkaline battery pack - operates on four (4) AA alkaline non-rechargeable batteries. Provides fast replacement with readily available AA batteries. Batteries included.


- Engineered optics feature dual parabolic reflectors within a larger textured reflector optimizing light on target in conjunction with an overall smooth flood pattern
- Shockproof dual C4 premium LED technology delivers 200 lumens
- 4 modes:
High: 1150 candela peak beam intensity, 200 Lumens, 3.5 hour runtime
Low: 350 candela peak beam intensity, 63 lumens, 16 hour runtime
Moonlight: 20 day runtime
Flash: 8 hour runtime
- Dual power source: accepts rechargeable NiCd battery pack or 4 "AA" alkaline batteries
- Rubber dome push-button actuator is easy to operate even when wearing heavy gloves
- Removable magnet with 135 lb pull strength features a replaceable rubber boot
- Optimized electronics provide regulated intensity
- High-impact, super-tough nylon polymer construction for execptional durability
- 2 meter impact-resistance tested
- IPX4 rated for water-resistance
- Serialized for positive identification


- Color: Black
- Weight: 9.2 in. (23.4 cm) NiCd 23.1 oz (655 grams) Alkaline 18.3 oz (519 grams)
- Height: 9.20 in. (23.4 cm) Width
- Weight with Ni-Cd battery, 23.1 oz (655 grams) with Alkaline battery, 18.3 oz (519 grams)
- Lens: Unbreakable polycarbonate with silicone anti-scratch coating assembled in a heavy duty bezel. O-ring sealed.
- Light Source: Two (2) C4 LEDs, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime.
- Approvals: Charger meets requirements of NFPA 1901- (2003) mounted in any position. Meets applicable European Community Directives.
- Run Time: Flash, 8 hrs continuous Moonlight, 20 days continuous.
- Battery: Industrial rechargeable nickel-cadmium 4.8 volt, 1.8 amp hour, 4 cell sub-C can be recharged up to 1,000 times

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