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RANGE READY Handgun Silhouette Popper DO-ALL-TRAPS

Range Ready

With DO ALL Outdoors Range Ready line of targets, you can have a 3 gun course in your own back yard without the cost. Rated for 9mm up to .45 caliber, the Range Ready Handgun Popper is made of 3/8 steel and sits on a steel base with a front defection plate made to protect the targets mechanical components. Shoot the popper and it will pop right back to the upright position giving you a visual report and an audible ding.


- 3 Gun Range Action
- Spring Loaded Popper
- Heavy Duty 3/8" Steel Target
- Built in Deflection Plate
- Easy Set Up


- 1 Base
- 1 Target
- 2 Stabilizing Ground Spikes


- Rated For: 9mm to .45 Caliber
- Soft nose lead bullets only

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