Sale! 100 Indiv packed Lens Cleaning Towelettes PYRAMEX-SAFETY-PRODUCTS View larger

100 Indiv packed Lens Cleaning Towelettes PYRAMEX-SAFETY-PRODUCTS

Cleaning towelettes, Package of 100

Pyramex lens cleaning towelettes come in a economically reasonable pack of 100 towelettes. Unlike other cleaning towels and fabrics, our lens cleaning towelettes don't leave streaks across lenses or electronic screens. There's no need for extra cleaning and streak removal, one wipe and you're done! They come in a versatile 8 x 5 size, making them perfect for glasses and electronic screens alike. Their size even allows them to be effective on television sets or computer monitors.


- For plastic, glass, and polycarbonate lenses
- Safe and effective with all lens coatings
- Ideal for glasses, goggles, and face shields
- Anti-fog, anti-static formula


- Quantity: Package of 100

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