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Competitor Transitional Trap DO-ALL-TRAPS

Full Cock Trap

This recreational trap will throw singles, stacked doubles, or side-by-side doubles. It is constructed of heavy-duty metal materials, with durable powder coat paint. The Competitor assembles in minutes and comes with complete assembly instructions. This model comes with two different mounting systems: the tire mount is designed to be simple and effective and the ground mounting system incorporates long ground spikes to grip the earth. The budget priced Competitor gives you plenty of recreational fun, while getting you ready for the hunting season.

- Innovative ground mount with insertable ground spikes
- Easily converted to mount to spare tire

Full Cock Summary - It cocks back from 12:00 to 6:00 and you use your full strength to pull it back all the way. After it throws, then the arm wobbles back and forth until it rests at 12:00 again. Throws approximately 65-70 yards.

Warranty info:
Two year warranty on product. One year limited warranty on clutch.

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