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Ballistic III Software

Designed to work on your Windows computer, this software will compute the ballistic coefficients for your ammunition. It stores tracking for all of your firearms ballistic information and general to detailed information related to ammunition.


- Designed To Work With Microsfot 32-Bit Operating System (Windows 95 Through Windows 2000)
- Select From Hundreds Of Cartridges With Drawings And Dimensions
- Choose From Hundreds Of cartridges With Diggerent Bullet Weights, Bullet Types, Velocities, Ballistic Coefficients, And More
- Hand Loader Program Has A List Of Powders As Well As Recipe Files And Will Compute Ballistic Coefficients For Custom Ammo
- Provides Space For All Firearms you Own
- Compare Ammo Performance On The Comparison Graph
- Keep Track Of All Projects With The Project Information
- The Trajectory Graph Is A Pool Of Information: It Will Display Graphically The Ammo In Your Current Project. Just Click On The View You Want:
Path, Drift, Energy And Eleven Other Views Are Just A Click Away
- Add New Ammo Data To A List Of Factory Ammo
- Scan New Cartridge Drawings (Or Any Pictures) And Add Them To The Program (Scanner Not Included)
- Save The Results From The Simulator Screen With Your Project And/or Get A Print Out Of Same
- This Program Is Written In VISUAL BASIC 6
- Help Buttons Give Access To Info At Whatever Program Location You Are

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