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Dual Lever Lock 135 PAIR BIG-AGNES-2

Dual Lever Lock 135 Pair

Ridgeline poles are ideal for fast and light expeditions, multi-day backpacking trips or travel. Lightweight and stiff, they offer stability for those carrying heavy packs or those looking for a little more strength out of a lightweight pole. The extended-length hand grip offers variation on holding position and additional adjustability can be achieved by the lever lock. The Lever Lock with button model makes you the collapsed length you would normally only find in a three section pole possible with the adjustability of a two section pole. A fixed length lower shaft that doesn't require adjustment, keeping you fast on the go.


- Lever Lock/ Button - A fixed-length lower shaft quickly locks in place via quick release buttons. Adjustability is done with an innovative dual-cam lever on the upper shaft. Amazingly quick extension and collapse.
- Helinox poles are engineered with DAC's proprietary aluminum alloy, TH72M, which provides superior strength to weight characteristics.
- TH72M aluminum alloy is exclusive to Helinox trekking poles which results is incredibly lightweight poles.
- DAC Green Anodizing involves no nitric or phosphoric acid and greatly reduces water consumption by using recycled water for rinsing.


- Maximum Length: 53"
- Collapsed Length: 24"
- Weight: 16 oz.
- Shock Absorber: No
- Basket Style: Light Trekking
- Number of Sections: 3
- Locking Mechanism: Lever Lock / Button
- Grip Type: Foam Long
- Tip: Carbide

Note: The rule of thumb for fitting a trekking pole is that your elbow should be bent 90 degrees so your forearm is parallel to the ground when holding your poles. Your personal preference as well as the terrain will influence the exact height of your trekking poles. To get an idea of the approximate length pole you need, bend your elbow 90 degrees and use the measurement from the ground to the top of your fist.

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