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See-Thru Powder Measure CVA

See Thru Powder Measure

Manufactured to be a superb item for almost anyone, we are sure you are going to appreciate the CVA see-thru powder measure AC1411 . Established by using some of the most sturdy and long lasting components available, these muzzle loading supplies from CVA will present you with something that will give years of dependability. For a very long time, CVA has been generating top of the range merchandise and the CVA see-thru powder measure AC1411 is evidence of their dedication to ensuring that you have the items you'll want to succeed in almost any situation.For a great way to be certain that you're utilizing some of the most useful Solutions available, choose the CVA see-thru powder measure AC1411. Clear polymer tube allows visual check of measured powder.


- Durable plastic design allows visible confirmation of powder charge
- Funnel swivels for easy filling and pouring
- Adjustable from 5 to 125 grains
- Most sturdy and durable components used
- Years of dependability

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