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X-Change Color,Blue Series CUDDEBACK

X-Change Color (Blue Series)

Cuddebacks X-Change Color's Interchangeable modules allow the camera's flash to become color, IR or Black Flash.

Blue Series trail cameras feature Cuddeback's legendary 1/4 second trigger speed and Super-Fast Recovery Speed - so the camera is ready for the next picture within 1 second of taking the first. The result is that Cuddeback can capture two photos before many cameras can capture one.

And the pictures are incredible - 20MP color images when shot in daylight and color images when shot at night.

On top of the performance, we added a ton of cool and innovative features, such as Zone Control, separate day or night delays, fully customizable time lapse and many more.

Cuddleback has reinvented the mounting system to make camera deployment easy and versatile. A conventional camera can get banged around while strapping it to a tree. With Cuddebacks Genius Mount you simply strap (or screw) the mount to the tree and gently slide the camera on and off as needed. Optional Genius Mounts allow panning, tilting and locking.


- Color strobe module


- 1/4 second trigger speed:
Cuddleback triggers 2.5 to 4 times faster than most competitive cameras
Deer move fast,and 1/4 second trigger speed captures more deer and fewer blanks
- 20 megapixels for exceptional image quality:
High-definition low-light 5MP sensor with 20MP mode
Cuddleback's image sensor is 250% larger than those of some competitors's cameras;the larger sensor sees more light,which means better images
Precise moon phase printed on image
- Fast camera delays:
Delays from fast-as-possible(approximately 1 second) to 1 hour
Seperate delays for day and night
- Super-fast recovery speed:
Recovers for next shot faster than many cameras can take the first picture
- 3 configurable image/video modes:
Still Image with HD image processing correctly exposes day and night images
Video with premium quality 720P HD,select from 10/20/30 second length
Video+Image provides both an image and a video for every detection
- Time-lapse mode:
Set time-lapse from 10 seconds to 24 hours
Program for day only,night only,or both day and night
Use in conjunction with motion sense,or turn motion sensing off
- 8 AA batteries(not included):
AA batteries allow for a compact camera that is easy to carry and deploy
Extended battery life will last up to 12 months or 10,000 images
Optional D cell battery pack available to extend battery life up to 2 years or tens of thousands of images
- Memory options:
Internal memory - 120MB(stores over 100 images)
SD card - up to 32GB


- Trigger Speed: 1/4 Sec
- Megapixels: 20
- Flash Range: 100'
- Flash Technology: Color Strobe
- Battery: 8xAA

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