AR15&AK Carbine Pstl Cse (2907 Style)/Tan NCSTAR

28" Tactical Subgun AR and AK Pistol Case

NcStar 28" Tactical Subgun AR and AK Pistol Case, Tan


- Padded 2961 Series Tactical Gun Case designed for AR & AK Pistol, Subguns, AOW, and some folding guns that are less than 28" in overall length
- Rifle shaped Padded Gun Case
- Four External Rifle Magazine Pouches with individual magazine flaps with hook and loop fasteners
- Heavy Duty zippers that have metal zippers that can be locked with a small pad lock. Pad lock not included
- Padded carry handle straps and a shoulder sling is included
- Made with tough and durable PVC material that is water and chemical resistant

Exterior Dimension: 28" Long x 13" Height

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