Flex, Atacs Au 50" Rifle BROWNING

Flex Riflecase

Created to be the perfect way to carry your firearm, the Browning Long Range Rifle Case is a great selection for almost any shooter. The right bag makes your gun effortless to carry and take with you to the range. And thanks to the Browning Long Range Rifle Case, access to an outstanding soft case has not been less complicated. These Soft Gun Cases from the professionals at Browning are produced using some of the longest lasting supplies offered, in an effort to give you a consistent and efficient firearm travel case. Browning has been developing high quality soft firearm cases for a long period of time, and the Browning Long Range Rifle Case is the result of their initiatives to make sure that you have the most suitable travel case for your specific requirements.


- Size: 50"
- Color: ATACS AU

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