5-way Hlstr H&K P2000 Blk FRONTLINE

Fast Draw 5 Way Leather Shoulder Holster

Carry your gun five ways with just one holster. The Fast Draw Leather 5-Way Holster from Front Line is all about choices. There's no need to buy several Holsters when this one gives you all the options you need. It is made of rugged leather to withstand years of use. The suede lining protects your gun from scuffs and scratches. Front Line has developed and refined the most effective holster designs and materials. This holster has been proven in actual combat and law enforcement use in one of the most demanding environments in the world. This holster has been tested and approved by the professionals they were designed for special ops units and professional law enforcement. You may never breach a building to rescue hostages or infiltrate terrorist cells under deep cover, but you can rest assured that your holster has performed admirably in those situations. This classic range of Front-Line holsters is made from natural lubricated leather processed without synthetic additives. The cut, design and hand-crafted finish of these famous holsters are the result of years of design and experience. Every major gun make and model has a holster specially designed for it and it alone.

Carry it 5 Different Ways:

- Shoulder Position
- Outer Waistband
- Inner Waistband
- Cross Draw Style
- Small of the Back Position


- Fits: H&K P2000
- Handed: Right Hand
- Material: Leather
- Color: Black

Price $100.80




Shipping fees: $4.99

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