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Signature W/O Bkstrp Colt 1911GM PACHMAYR

Signature w/out Backstrap

These models of Pachmayr's Signature Grips also feature the patented full wrap-around design, are also made from rubber specially formulated for use on semi-automatic pistols, but are supplied without backstraps so they can be used on pistols such as the Government .45 models that utilize grip safety mechanisms.

They are offered in the same styles as the Pachmayr Full Signature Grips Checkered, Thumb Reduction Combat, Sculptured Thumb Reduction Combat and Combat Plus finger groove.


- Steel Inserts
- Ideal for models with grip safeties
- Classic look

#05008 Combat Gripper Colt 1911, 1911A1 and Copies, Gold Cup, MKIV, Series 80, Delta Elite

Warranty info:
Warranted against manufacturers defects.

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