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Trident w/Batteries - Grn/Grn LED STREAMLIGHT

Trident Headlight

Streamlight Trident Headlight 1 Green LED & 2 White LEDs

The new Green Trident is the perfect headlamp for outdoor enthusiasts. Like the original Trident,
it offers the unique combination of a high powered xenon bulb and three 100,000 hour LEDs. Now, this
headlamp is available in green, and features a green LED that prevents you from losing your night vision.
You get three lighting options in all: the green LED, two white LEDs, and a super bright white xenon light.
The Green Trident is lightweight and water resistant, and includes adjustable head straps for the handsfree
lighting of any task.

Also Includes:

- Night Vision Green LED
- 3 AAA batteries


Unique combination of xenon bulb and three, 100,000 hour LEDs.
90-degree tilting head.
Night Vision Green LED - Run Time: 120 hours
Two, white LEDs for medium range lighting - Run Time: 60 hours
High-powered xenon bulb for distance lighting - Run Time: 2.25 hours

Warranty info:
Bulletproof warranty. All Streamlight flashlights, lanterns and head lights carry a no-quibble warranty that's honored at Authorized Service Centers around the world.

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