Sale! 360GT SB Weedless Jig 4.5"-1/4oz Tru Blue STORM View larger

360GT SB Weedless Jig 4.5"-1/4oz Tru Blue STORM

360GT Searchbait Weedless Jig

The 360GT Weedless Jig Head has a thin wire guard that allows you to fish in and around weeds with ease. Exclusive VMC Coastal Black hook with extended leg on line tie further enhances action. 60° angle keeps lure swimming in the perfect position. Life-like rattling jig head and 360GT bodies fit precisely, with color patterns that perfectly match regional forage.


- Thin wire guard
- Upscale designs, finishes and exclusive 3D holographic eyes


- Body Length: 4 1/2"
- Hook Size: #4/0
- Weight: 1/4 oz
- Quantity: Package of 2
- Color: Tru Blue

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