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HID LiteBox (W/O Charger) - Orange STREAMLIGHT

HID LiteBox

Streamlight HID LiteBox, Orange

The HID LiteBox features a 35-watt high intensity discharge xenon lamp with a 2000-hour minimum lifetime, 3350 lumens,
and 1,000,000 candela peak beam intensity. Its deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a long range high intensity beam
with optimum peripheral illumination for scene lighting. A fully articulating head with a 90-degree swivel neck can be
aimed precisely at a target for optimum task lighting.The HID LiteBox has the intensity and peripheral illumination to
light an entire scene. A 90-degree swivel neck design makes it ideal for field maintenance, inspection of construction
sites and remote equipment it's a heavy-duty, rechargeable, completely portable high-intensity search light that does
it all. The HID LiteBox can be plugged into a vehicle's DC power source and will run indefinitely. It's still portable,
so if you need to relocate, simply disconnect the power cord and carry it with you to light your way.
The Streamlight HID LiteBox features a zero-maintenance 12-volt, 7.2-amp hour sealed lead acid battery, rechargeable
up to 500 times. It operates the HID lamp up to 1.75 hours per charge and will charge in 10 hours to 90-precent
(battery capacity) with a continuous trickle charge to maximize the battery capacity. The HID LiteBox battery will
continue to charge, for an indefinite run time, while operating directly from an external 12-volt DC power source
when using the remote cord. Red and green LEDs give charge status feedback.


- Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a long range high intensity focused, one million candela peak beam intensity beam
- Optimum peripheral illumination for scene lighting 90 swivel neck allows you to aim the beam where you need it for optimum task lighting
- 35 Watt H.I.D Xenon lamp: 3350 Lumens, 1,000,000 candela peak beam intensity 2000 hr. min. lifetime
- Runs 1.75 hrs, indefinite run time when using 12V DC power cord
- 12V DC power cord measures 10 feet (3 meters)
- HID LiteBox battery will continue charge while operating directly from an external 12V DC power source when using the remote cord so you can be confident that you will always have a light when you need it
- Zero-maintenance 12V, 7.2Ah sealed lead acid rechargeable up to 500 times
- Integral D-rings allow attachment of the included shoulder strap
- High-impact ABS thermoplastic housing and weatherproof construction elastomer impact bumper cushioned-grip handle
- Serialized for positive identification
- Available in International safety orange or black
- Limited lifetime warranty. HID LiteBox Rechargeable Batteries and HID LiteBox Chargers have a one (1) year warranty with proof of purchase. HID LightBox Bulbs have a six (6) month warranty with proof of purchase.
- Assembled in USA"

Also Includes:

- Standard system includes shoulder strap
- AC and DC charger cords and charge rack
- 10ft (3 meter) 12V DC power cord
- flood lens


- Length: 14.9 in. (38 cm)
- Body Width: 5.1 in. (13 cm)
- Overall Height: 8.8 in. (23 cm)
- Head Diameter: 7.7 in. (20cm)
- Weight with battery: 10.1 lbs (4.6 kg)

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