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E-Spot Upgrade Kit STREAMLIGHT


Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit.

The Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit allows you to upgrade your newer halogen LiteBox to LED with a spot lighting pattern. The Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit has 3 bright white C4 LEDs with 540 lumens in high (shines for up to 1,539 ft) and runs for 7 hours. For an extended runtime of up to 15 hours, just change the brightness level to low with 330 lumens (shines for up to 93m). Streamlight E-Spot Upgrade Kit has a focused "spot" beam.


- 3 Bright LEDs with C4 LED Technology, spot lighting pattern
- 2 Brightness settings (remove screw and cover on back of head assembly to change levels):
- High - 540 lumens, 7 hour runtime, shines up to 1,539 ft
- Low - 330 lumens, 15 hour runtime, shines up to 1,175 ft
- Unbreakable polycarbonate lens with scratch resistant coating
- Compatible with LiteBox (less than 13 years old) and FireBox:
- Standard systems
- Vehicle mounts systems
- Power failure systems
- Also compatible with E-Flood and E-Spot FireBox & LiteBox systems
- Assembled in USA

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