Sale! SABRE .75oz Pocket Unit w/Clip SABRE View larger

SABRE .75oz Pocket Unit w/Clip SABRE

SABRE .75oz Pocket Unit w/Clip

Protect yourself against multiple threats at a safe distance with the easy to access SABRE Pocket Unit with Clip. The clip attachment allows for immediate access when you need it most. The ballistic stream delivers approximately 35 shots at a safe range of 10 feet. The compact canister contains our Advanced 3-in-1 formula of red pepper (pepper spray), Super CS Military Tear Gas (cs tear gas) and an invisible ultraviolet (UV) dye to assist in suspect identification. SABRE 3-in-1 provides maximum stopping power superior to any single ingredient defense spray! SABRE maintains a shelf life of 4 years which is double that of our competitors making it a much better value.


- Preferred option for non-keychain users.
- Delivers a ballistic stream to reduce wind blowback.
- Provides approximately 35 shots with a range of 10 feet.
- Offers protection against multiple threats at a safe distance.
- #1 brand used by law enforcement worldwide.
- Size: 0.75 oz
- Contains up to 5 times more bursts than competition.

- State laws prohibit shipment of this model to: AK, HI, MA, MI, NY and WI

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