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9.2oz Bear Spray w/Holster SABRE

Bear Spray

Keep bears at bay with this SABRE Frontiersman bear spray and attack deterrent accessory. Attach the holster to your belt so you are able to spray a heavy fog of the irritating substance at a range of 35 feet at a moment's notice.


- Greatest range - the only bear spray with a 35' range permitting maximum distance from the threat - 9.2 oz.
- Heavy fog delivery system - releases up to 84% more spray/second than other bear sprays
- Field tested by the elmendorf air force base in Alaska
- Strongest bear attack deterrent permitted by the EPA
- Frontiersman's 9.2 oz. canister is equipped with a hip holster for immediate accessibility
- The glow-in-the-dark safety provides immediate location at night and its impressive 35' range


- Black Nylon Holster


- Quantity: 9.2 oz.
- Heavy Fog Delivery
- 2.0 percent CRC Maximum Strength
- 35' Range

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