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All Terrain Chopper with sheath COLD-STEEL


The shining star of many of Cold Steel's recent performance tests, Cold Steel's All Terrain Chopper will out-cut many Machetes, and even put some swords to shame! The sheer cutting power harnessed within the All Terrain Chopper's big, wide, slant-tipped, fully sharpened blade has to be seen to be believed! A well-placed swipe from this powerhouse of a machete will lay waste to almost any obstacle the wilderness may lay before you. Worn either slung over the shoulder or across the back in its weight-distributing carry sheath, the All Terrain Chopper is surprisingly comfortable even when worn for extended periods of time.

Several of Cold Steel's crew members put Cold Steel's carry sheath to the test by wearing the All Terrain Chopper all day while working in Cold Steel's warehouse, training in Cold Steel's gym and going about their usual daily activities. Despite the size and heft of this Machete, all reported back that they found the All Terrain Chopper very easy to wear and that they quickly forgot they were even carrying it! Exhaustively field tested in Australia by Lynn C. Thompson the All Terrain Chopper proved to be a stalwart hunting and wilderness survival companion. More than just a machete, and the next best thing to an axe, it packed astonishing chopping power into an easy to carry package.

A great addition to a load out, the All Terrain Chopper delivers superb performance when you need it.


- Blade Length: 21 1/2"
- Overall Length: 30 1/2"
- Steel: 1055 Carbon Steel with Black Baked on Anti Rust Matte Finish
- Weight: 35.5 oz
- Blade Thickness: 2.8 mm
- Handle: 9" Long Polypropylene
- Sheath: Cor-Ex

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