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Expat Knives Machete w/ Canvas Sheath ESEE-KNIVES

Expat Libertariat Machete 9" Blade, Walnut Handles, Tan Canvas Sheath

Expat Knives was born out of adventure. Adventures where the right tool can help squeeze every bit of enjoyment out of the experience, rather than detract from it. Tools that last as long as the memories. Tools that reflect life over the horizon: simple and timeless. Whether camping in the Himalayas, building a fire to stay warm in bombed-out bunkers in the Balkans, stalking elk along the Salmon River in Idaho, canoeing the Boundary Waters, or building a bamboo shelter in the Amazon, an adventure is there to be had. Whatever your adventure, Expat Knives are designed to enhance it, to enable you to thrive not only in the field but in the kitchen as well. And with any luck, you may just be fortunate enough for those two places to be one and the same. Get out there. Live life intentionally. Make memories. And take an Expat Knife with you.

Yes, "Expat" is a real person. A trainer, adventurer, world traveler and a lot of other things mixed in between. While working in some of the more sketchy corners of South America, Expat contacted ESEE in the search for high-quality, worst case scenario jungle survival training. Thus began a close association that has lasted for over 15 years. Expat has logged thousands of miles throughout the third world, sometimes with the ESEE team, but always with ESEE products. From armored motorcades in Colombia and trekking in the Himalayas, to earthquakes in El Salvador and hunting in the Balkans, ESEE Knives have been a constant companion. He has been a student, a translator, and an instructor for Randall's Adventure Training. Throughout his time overseas, he has developed some unique insights on tools and adventures and is currently working with ESEE to bring these designs and experiences to others. What began with a cleaver will end up... well, who knows? That's the whole point of the Expat Experience.

The Libertariat Machete was designed by John Armstrong and was designed specifically for Expat Knives (a division of ESEE Knives) as a lightweight, tropical environment survival knife. This machete features a 9" SAE 1075 carbon steel blade, walnut handles and tan canvas sheath. The blade also has a 90° spine for ferro rod striking. This production release is a limited run of 550 pieces.


- Blade Length: 9.0"
- Handle Length: 5.0
- Overall Length: 14.0"
- Blade Width: 2.0"
- Blade Thickness: 0.118"
- Blade Steel: SAE 1075 Carbon Steel
- Blade Finish: Condor Classic
- Handle Material: Walnut Handle
- Sheath Material: Tan Canvas
- Weight: 16 oz. (with sheath)
- Designer: John Armstrong

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