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Individual Deployment (ID) Kit,Coyote Brn GERBER-BLADES

Individual Deployment (ID) Kit

The Individual Deployment Kit gives the Soldier the ability to: maintain their weapon; see what they are doing in low light conditions; tackle almost any task requiring a tool; and cut out of any emergency situation. This kit puts the individual equipment close at hand to get the job done in a lightweight, easy to carry nylon sheath.


- MP 600
- Recon-M II
- MOLLE-Compatible and Berry-Compliant Tactical Nylon Sheath
- Safety Strap Cutter


- Strap Color: Coyote Brown
- Total Kit Weight: 24.04 oz.
- Sheath with Components Dimensions: 4" x 2" x 6"
- Sheath: 5.0 oz.
- eFECT: 5.0 oz.
- MP 600: 8.16 oz.
- Recon M II: 3.46 oz.
- Strap Cutter: 2.21 oz.

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