TACT-Zone Scope 2.5 - 6 X 32mm objective EXCALIBUR

TACT-Zone Scope 2.5 - 6 X 32mm Objective

Ultra-compact Tact-Zone scope is the ideal match and comes as standard equipment on Excalibur's compact Matrix Series crossbow's. The Tact-Zone scope is loaded with features.


- Updated reticle design
- 30mm tube
- red/green rheostat illumination and a multi-coated lens for exceptional clarity
- Tact-Zone scope is adjustable for speeds between 275 fps and 410 fps
- Half-inch click adjustments at 20 yards for easy sighting in
- Tact Zone scopes are also sold separately and, due to the speed adjustment dial, are the perfect upgrade scope for any crossbow.

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