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Ndur 9 Piece Cookware Mess Kit W/kettle PROFORCE-EQUIPMENT


The NDuR 9 Piece Cookware Mess Kit w/Kettle is everything you need to cook a great meal outdoors. Made of Hard Anodized Aluminum, it combines the best attributes of a very hard surface treatment with the quick-even heat transfer of aluminum. Extremely lightweight and easy to clean. Held together with a strap, it comes with a mesh carrying pouch. The surface treatment is FDA and LFGB food safety approved.


- Made of Hard Anodized Aluminum
- Quickly and Evenly Heats
- Abrasion and Corrosion Resistant
- Easy to Clean
- Lightweight: 31oz / 880g
- Includes a Mesh Carrying Bag


- Pot 1: 61oz
- Pot 2: 47oz
- Frying Pan: 7.5"
- Frying Pan/Plate: 7.5"
- Kettle: 27oz
- 2 Mugs: 5oz
- Universal Gripper: Can be used on all Pots and Pans


- Nested size: 7.6" x 5"
- Weight: 31oz

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