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Terra HE Cook Set Nonstick+BOB Sponge OPTIMUS


Even the most dependable stove needs a pot or pan to do more than just look cool. Like all of our versatile sets, the Terra HE Cook Set is made of rugged anodized aluminum now with a non-stick coating to keep up with the ease of use of our reliable stoves. This set with three cookware pieces is the daddy of them at 720 g. It comes with our special heat exchanger (thats what the HE means!) that cuts time to boil by 20%. You get a smile on your face thanks to quicker cook to feed time and thanks to the HE systems fuel-saving efficiency. You can stir, sauté, simmer, fricassee or fry with the two pots and tough-as-nails non-stick fry pan (doubles as a pot lid). One separate pot lifter fits them all. A slim neoprene cosy keeps fingers ouch-free, food warm, and scratches at bay, while also putting a dent in fuel use. Just take the boiling water off the flame, put the pot into the cosy and let your noodles continue to boil in the hot water without burning anymore fuel. Included is a practical and cute little BOB sponge.

The cook set also magically finds space inside for titanium cutlery set and any Optimus stove.


- 1.75 L heat exchange pot with measurements
- 1.7 L pot with measurements
- Frying pan that can also be used as a lid
- Aluminium pot lifter
- Optimus BOB sponge
- Neoprene bag


- Dimensions (mm): 115 × Ø 210
- Weight (grams): 30g
- Volume (liters): 1.75/1.7l

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