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Terra Solo .6 L Nonstick+BOB Sponge OPTIMUS


You may go fast, light and solo, but sausages on a stick for dinner arent cutting it. Pair our efficient Optimus stoves with the Terra Solo Cook Set that of course! -- is made of rugged anodized aluminum now also with a non-stick coating. At a mere 209 g, the Terra Solo Cook Set with its two cookware pieces gets a scrummy dinner prepped quickly and on your plate when youre tired and hungry. Or take your time and enjoy the sunset as the stew simmers. You get a pot with pour spot and a tough-as-nails fry pan (doubles as a pot lid). Make your mum proud by keeping it clean with our practical and cute little BOB sponge (included), and keeping it neat in the mesh carry bag. Inside, magically find room to also stash our titanium cutlery set and any Optimus gas stove too.


- 0.6 L saucepan with pouring lip and measuring marks (mL and oz)
- Fry pan that doubles as a lid
- Optimus BOB sponge
- Mesh storage bag.


- Dimensions (mm): 136 × Ø 107
- Weight (grams): 209g
- Volume (liters): 0.6l

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