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D750B Field Sm 1" Bsk Blk PACHMAYR

Recoil Pad Small 1"

Pachmayr's Decelerator recoil pads have become the standard by which all other pads are judged. Decelerator pads are made from a super soft rubber blend that provides maximum recoil reduction and shooting comfort. This specially blended material reduces the shock effect of recoil like no other grip or pad, and allows the shooter to fully concentrate on hitting the target. Decelerator pads are available in a wide variety of specialized types to meet any shooting need, whether it be trap and skeet, sporting clays, or hunting. They are also offered in a complete selection of colors, core designs and faces to enhance the beauty of your rifle or shotgun.

D750B Features

- Premium Rifle Pad
- Field style face for quick mounting and positive control
- Non-slip basketweave texture, black base
- Bottom core design
- Recommended for heavy recoiling rifles

Recoil Pad Installation Instructions

Always choose the pad size that is larger than your stock width (Dim. B)

D750B Sizes:

A 5.30" B1.68"
Hole2.87" A 5.50" B1.80"
Hole3.12" A 5.75" B1.92"

Model# 01329 1" Thick

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