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Fire Control Rest -

Advanced shooters using today's modern, highly accurate rifles deserve accessories that deliver precision and control. Caldwell's Fire Control Front Rest delivers both precision design and manufacturing gives you perfect fingertip control over the location of your crosshairs when your trigger breaks. No more squeezing, tugging, or shifting a rear bag a simple nudge of the control arm and your crosshairs are perfectly adjusted for windage, mirage, or bag shifts. The glass-smooth internal mechanisms allow the front bag to move both up and down and left and right with a single motion to make fine, controllable adjustments to the position of your firearm while you're squeezing your trigger. The unique front cradle accepts specially designed bags. Two bags are included a traditional medium-width bag and a 3" lobe bag. The rest has three stainless steel adjusting feet, weighs 18 pounds and has an 28" x 9" base.


- Machined gears and racks for a silky, precision feel
- Tight manufacturing tolerances
- Pointed stainless steel feet for leveling and anchoring


- Weighs 18 pounds
- Includes two front bags
- 28" x 9" Base

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