FlipDot Red Dot Reflex Optic NCSTAR

Flip Dot Reflex Sigh, Red Dot, Black

The FlipDot Patent Pending folding Red dot reflex lens (22mm X 16mm) folds down flat when not in use. With a push of a button the FlipDot lens flips up and automatically turns on. The 3 MOA Red dot is fully adjustable for windage and elevation. Folding the lens down turns the optic off.

Integrated into the FlipDot body is a backup rear sight and on the bottom of the FlipDot lens frame is a backup front sight post. The FlipDot backup iron sights function when the lens is deployed in the up position, through the glass lens. The FlipDot backup iron sights will cowitness with most of the Glock suppressor height sights installed on the slide (if equipped).

Includes a Glock MOS compatible mounting plate, *spare MOS mounting screws, 2mm optic spacer for RMR mounting applications, spare CR2032 battery, optics cover, and mounting & adjustment tools. Glock MOS compatible mounting screws are included. Optic mounting screws for other types of slides are not included, please source the mounting screws from the slide manufacturer for an RMR type optic for non Glock MOS slides. Note: the use of the 2mm optic spacer for RMR mounting applications may require longer optic mounting screws. Please follow mounting instructions in the FlipDot manual.


- Weight: 2.8 oz.
- Length: 2"
- Width: 1.2"
- Depth: 1.1"
- Battery Included: 2
- Color: Black
- Material: Aluminum

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