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Loaded Gear, HD-50 Hard Case, Black,Strap BARSKA-OPTICS

Loaded Gear -

BH11854 - Loaded Gear HD-50 Hard Case

The Loaded Gear HD-50 watertight hard case is an ideal storage case for protecting small sensitive items. This compact tough case was designed to protect Items when traveling, the compact size allows for great protection on the go. The crushproof case design features an o-ring lining that forms a watertight and airtight seal when closed with the double grasping latch. The HD-50 hard case was designed with an exterior pressure equalization air purge valve for pressure sensitive storage. Exterior edge-to-edge reinforcement provides crushproof strength for securely storing you valuables and equipment. The interior of the case features easily customizable pre-perforated cubed foam and an egg crate foam case liner.

Loaded Gear HD-50 Key Features:
- Edge-to-edge crushproof case design
- Watertight protective case seal
- Pressure equalization case valve
- Pre-perforated cubed foam
- Egg crate foam padding

HD-50 Hard Case Dimensions: (length x width x height in inches)
- Outer Size 9.4" x 2.75" x 5.7"
- Inner Size: 8.37" x 1.96" x 4.55"
- Weight (lbs): 0.77

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