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Money Shot Double DO-ALL-TRAPS

Money Shot Double

Do-All Outdoors Money Shot Double MSD5

Impact Seal Self Healing Targets

Impact Seal Targets are constructed of technologically advance material. The bullet passes through the self healing target with minimal damage. This material is rugged enough to handle the repeated punishment from all calibers of rifles and handguns.

The stand provided is 2-3 times thicker and sturdier than that of any comparable targets. While the new stand is a split style, it still holds the highest industry standard in strength while reducing packaging size by almost half. These durable targets are built for long life and countless hours of shooting fun.


- Handles Thousands of Rounds
- Target Reseals Itself After Bullet Passes Through
- Bullet impact spins target around base - no need to reset
- Light Weight Yet Sturdy Material
- Longer Life Technology
- Rated For all Calibers .22 - .5O Cal.
- Rifles and Pistols
- Larger impact seal targets can be used as a paper target backer

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