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.22 Auto Reset pro-style DO-ALL-TRAPS

.22 Auto Reset Pro-Style

The .22 Auto Reset pro-style is the convenient way to hone your accuracy and speed. No more do you have to trudge down the range to reset or move your targets, these Do All Outdoors targets do all the work for you. When you're done knocking back the four orange 2.5" targets, hit the silver center reset target to bring all the targets back to the initial position. These targets are painted with a high visibility orange color, and lock in place after each successful hit, providing accurate placement feedback with every shot. This Do All Outdoors product is made stable by the unit's ground spikes and safer from the forward lean of the Do All Auto Reset .22 Caliber Target, which directs ricocheting bullets into the ground.


- Engineered for softnosed .22 caliber pistol or rifle shooters
- Each target spins and locks in upright position as a bullet strikes
- Shooting center reset targets swings the targets back into lower position
- Stabilizing ground spikes & forward leaning for downward bullet deflection increase safety
- High visibility targets


- 4 standard 1 reset Dimensions: 19" x 16.1"
- Weight: 9 lbs.
- Min Distance: 30 yards
- Features of Do-All Outdoors Auto Reset .22
- Height: 8
- Width: 13
- Depth: 32
- Weight: 18

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