Sale! Stinger Switchblade - with USB cord - Red STREAMLIGHT View larger

Stinger Switchblade - with USB cord - Red STREAMLIGHT

Stinger Switchblade

Streamlight Stinger Switchblade with USB Cord, Red


- IPX4 Water Resistant
- LED Charge Continuity Indicator, Compact
- 1 Meter Impact Resistance Tested
- Snap-in Charger Holder that Mounts in any Position
- Serialized for Positive Identification


- Material/Lens: Impact Modified Nylon, Non Slip Textured Barrel Grip, and Replaceable Hard Coated Polycarbonate lenses
- Switch: Multi Function Push Button Switch
- Battery: Li Ion 5200 mAh Cell and Rechargeable Over 300 Times
- Dimensions: Extended Length: 17" and Collapsed Length: 9.80"
- Weith: 17.10 oz
- Color: Red

Charging Fits:

- Stinger Chargers
- Steady Charger Fully Recharges in 24 Hours on 100V, 120V, 230V or 240VAC, or 12VDC. 5.5 hours on fast charger
- USB Charge Port Using Micro USB Cord and Recharges in 8 Hours

Light Source Double Sided Light Bar:

- 90 CRI LEDs: Color Rite Technology Allows you to Distinguish Between Similar Colors for Paint Matching, Checking Wires, and Ect.
- UV LED for Leak Detection
- Cool White LEDs for Bright, White Light


- High: CRI LEDs Streamlights Color Rite Technology to Better See the Color Spectrum, 600 Lumens, and Runs 3 3/4 Hours
- UV LED: Leak Detection, 500mW and Runs 15 Hours
- Cool White LEDs: Bright Light, 800 lLmens and Runs 3 3/4 Hours

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