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Pro Series AR Barrel Wrench NCSTAR

Pro Series Barrel Wrench AR15

NcStar Pro Series AR Barrel Wrench


- Pro Series AR15 Barrel Wrench - heavy duty purpose built barrel wrench
- Large heavy duty cross section makes it easier on the hands to work on your AR upper.
- You can remove/install GI barrel nuts with ease with this AR wrench. Makes for assembling/installing barrels and free float handguards a
easy task.
- The other end of the wrench is for installing/removing 5/8" muzzle brakes and flash suppressors.
- 1/2" and 3/8" drive compatible, for torquing your barrel nuts to the proper torque specifications.
- All the tools are clearly labeled.
- Hole at the end is for hanging tool on a wall peg, nail/screw.


- Material: Steel Construction
- Length: 12.5"
- Weight: 23 oz.

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