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Springfield XDS 9mm/40 Cal 3.3" IWBA-BK MISSION-FIRST-TACTICAL

Inside the Waist Band Holster

MFT holsters bring to the table. The ultimate combination of advisor driven design, technology, material and craftsmanship are evident in MFT's With years of deep experience in designing holsters for others, MFT has now decided to use our facility to offer our holsters under the MFT brand
MFT picks up where other makers left off. Here's why.


- Advisors: MFT's Council of Law enforcement. Military and Civilian Trainers and all manner of shooters have shaped the development of our holsters
- Technology: The laser...we 3D laser scan each firearm electronically recreating the firearm. Our designer's, using a minimalist approach, create a holster retaining the aspects needed for retention and positioning. Any irnpinging elements effecting retention, longevity or firearm wear are designed out
- Molds: No dummy guns allowed! While the cheapest way to go- dummy guns of.n are out of spec. They wear, shrink and warn with use. The data files drive MFT's CNC's to mill molds made of aircraft grade aluminum. The outcome is complete repeatability with tolerances as close as the human hair.
Preproduction testing - Perfect temperature and heating time is determined for each holster model and gun fit. Yes, they are all different. Measurement poi. are defined thr each gun then sculpted onto the mold. During the forrning, trimrning and assembly micrometers and calipers check these poi. to detect variations
- Material: MFT evaluated material performance, appearance and longevity. Boltaron was selected as it offers advantages no other producer in the USA offers. Scientifically, Bottaron is an acrylic-polyvinyl chloride composite. The acrylic side of the spectrum gives formability so it fits the many specific details and depths of a pistol. Poly vinyl chloride pumps in the durability. Deep precise draws with crisp lines result from Boltaron's uniform wall thickness and properties. Impact, scuff, chemical and stretch resistance flow from the Rockwell strength of the PVC ele¬ments. Please note holster's rnay be available in Kydex only
- Finishing: Perfection of trimming and creation of rivet holes cornes from the talents of our CNC engineers and machine operator's. The trirnmed parts are then sent on for riveting, grinding and buffing. Rivet tension is vital. MFT designed riveting un. indicate exact pressure and positioning. Highly trained polishers' buff tens of thou¬sands of holsters using MFT exclusive cornpounds providing a seamless appearance. MFT designs and molds i. belt loops and attachments to achieve rnaximum durability and funcdon.


- Fits: Springfield XDS 9mm/40 Caliber with 3.30" Barrel
- Type: AIWB Appendix Carry (Possible With Non-Included Clip Attachments)
- Belt Attachment: 1 3/4" (Included)
- Audible Click Passive Retention
- Laser CAD Design for Perfect Fit, Smoother Draw,Less Wear
- Full Sweatguard
- Color: Black

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